WordPress Website Development Specialist.

I am your online technical help to build you the best online business, perfectly suited to your online business needs.

Website and Online Business Tech Expert.

I am a WordPress website nerd, but I also just love to help you with all your online business technical needs.

Whether you’re after a brand new website for your business, or just feeling like your current website isn’t quite performing at its best. I offer full website refresher / Audits. We can also just work on a Plugin Audit or perhaps it’s the technical SEO you’re wanting to work on? Whatever you need, I’m here to help.

I’m also available to help with other online business aspects like connecting emailing lists, social media scheduling and teaching you how to DIY your website needs yourself.

Website Development

WordPress Websites built specifically for your business and its needs. Using UX (User Experience) principles, SEO best practice for better ranking and ensuring mobile responsiveness, we make sure you get everything you need.

Digital Marketing

Let’s get you a complete digital marketing strategy. The holistic approach to getting your digital business working for you. Fine tune the website. Gather the data. Use that to tweak things. Get an email automation going.

Website Edits/Changes

Need some changes done on your existing website? All help is available, from small edits right through to adding additional pages or editing product descriptions. No job is too big or too small.

DIY Website Help

Would you rather learn how to do small edits/tasks yourself? Let me show you, live, how to make those changes and give you the knowledge to have better control of your WordPress site with DIY tutorials.

Tech Support

Is something on your website not functioning how it should be? Maybe you’ve been hacked? If your website has technical issues or errors, I am here to help get them fixed and have you back online.

Hosting & Maintenance

Websites require regular maintenance to ensure continuous functionality. I offer different plans on an individual needs’ basis, to keep your site updated and without errors or being vulnerable to outside attacks.

Rather Learn to DIY it all Yourself?

Perfect! Because I actually love to show you how to maintain and keep your online business running smoothly yourself, with ease!

You can check out the Resources page where you will find links on DIY to grow your skills and get it done yourself, with confidence.

After a specific skill/lesson not yet available? Ask for a personalised DIY video tutorial for your website.