Website audit to check the health and update my WordPress website.

Is your website running slower than you’d like or just not feeling 100%?

Worried about potential risks and security vulnerabilities on your site?

A website audit and update makes sure your site it is running at its peak.

Elevate Your Website’s Performance with a Full Website Audit

Do you find yourself frustrated with a sluggish website that’s not gaining the traction it deserves? Are you struggling to rank higher in search engine results, losing potential customers along the way? It’s time for a change! Our Comprehensive Website Audit is here to transform your online presence, ensuring it reaches its full potential.

Uncovering the Hidden Issues

Having a website is not enough these days; it must be optimised for peak performance. Often, we overlook critical aspects that can make or break a user’s experience. Here’s where the pain points arise:

1. Slow Loading Speed: In our fast-paced digital world, visitors have little patience for sluggish websites. Slow loading times can lead to increased bounce rates, meaning potential customers are leaving before they even see what you have to offer. This is the #1 biggest issue with website owners.

2. SEO Oversights: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the lifeline of online visibility. Without it, your website remains lost in the never-ending internet, missing out on valuable organic traffic.

3. Usability Challenges: If your website is not user-friendly, visitors will struggle to navigate, resulting in frustration and high bounce rates. It’s crucial to create an intuitive interface that guides users seamlessly.

4. Security Concerns: In the age of cyber threats, ensuring your website’s security is paramount. A vulnerable site not only risks data breaches but also damages your reputation and trustworthiness.

5. Mobile Responsiveness: With the majority of internet users browsing on mobile devices, an unresponsive website is a missed opportunity. It can lead to a significant loss in potential leads and conversions.

Finding Opportunities for Growth

Our Comprehensive Website Audit digs deep into every nook and cranny of your website, uncovering areas that require attention and optimisation. Here’s how it can revolutionise your online presence:

1. Speed Optimization: We identify elements that slow down your website’s loading time. From optimising images to refining code, we give you options to make your site run faster.

2. SEO Excellence: Our audit pinpoints areas for improvement in your SEO strategy. We work with you to analyse keywords, meta tags, and content quality to ensure your website climbs the ranks of search engine results.

3. Enhanced Usability: We provide actionable insights to improve user experience. From intuitive navigation to compelling calls-to-action, we can guide you towards a more user-friendly design.

4. Ironclad Security Measures: Our audit identifies potential vulnerabilities and recommends security enhancements, if needed. We fortify your website, protecting it from potential threats and ensuring your visitors feel safe and secure.

5. Mobile Optimisation: With a focus on mobile responsiveness, we check that your website functions flawlessly across all devices. This translates to a broader reach and increased user engagement.

How do I know if a Full Website Audit will be of benefit to me?

  1. You’ve Recently Had a WordPress Website Built: Getting an audit ensures that everything is set up correctly and optimally. It’s like a final check to make sure all the nuts and bolts are in place.
  2. Your Website Feels Sluggish and Slow: It’s frustrating for your visitors and can harm your search engine rankings. Our audit will identify and address the causes of slow performance, ensuring a smoother and faster user experience.
  3. Visitors Aren’t Sticking Around: This could be due to confusing navigation, an unappealing layout, or other usability issues. Our audit will pinpoint these concerns, allowing you to make improvements that keep visitors engaged.
  4. Your Website Needs a Revamp and Update: If your website is showing signs of aging, it might be time for a refresh. Our audit will provide you with a clear roadmap on which areas need attention, ensuring your website remains relevant, user-friendly, and competitive.
  5. You Want to Maximise SEO Performance: Is your website struggling to rank high in search results? Our audit will uncover any overlooked SEO opportunities and provide recommendations to improve your visibility in search engines.
  6. You Need to Identify Security Vulnerabilities: Our audit includes a thorough security check, ensuring your website is fortified against potential threats.

What you get:

When you choose our website audit service, you’re opting for a comprehensive evaluation of your website’s front-end and back-end. My aim is to ensure that your website is structured for optimum performance in terms of SEO and usability. This means scrutinising aspects like speed, optimisation, and functionality to guarantee that your site functions smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Ensure Everything is Up-to-Date:
    • We’ll verify that your website is running on the latest versions, including WordPress Core, PHP Version, Plugins, and Theme, to ensure optimal functionality and security.
  2. Enhance Security Measures:
    • We will thoroughly review your security settings and assess the setup of security plugins, while implementing regular checks to fortify your website against potential threats.
  3. Optimise Loading Speeds:
    • We’ll conduct a detailed analysis of your site’s load times, including evaluating the impact of media on your site’s load times and find out what is needed for optimising images and media files to enhance overall efficiency and user experience.
  4. Verify Link Functionality:
    • We’ll meticulously check for any broken or inactive links on your website, ensuring that all links load quickly and accurately, providing a seamless navigation experience for your visitors.
  5. Optimise for Search Engines:
    • Our experts will review and fine-tune your search engine settings, confirming the integration of analytics, and ensuring that your website is well-prepared for visibility on search engine platforms.
  6. Perform In-Depth SEO Audit:
    • We’ll look into an extensive assessment of your on-page SEO elements, identifying and resolving any crawling issues to enhance your website’s discoverability and performance in search engine results.

The process after payment:

Here are the steps you can expect.

  • Receipt and Onboarding Form: Upon completion of your purchase, the receipt will include a link to an onboarding form. The onboarding form is crucial in getting started. It will guide you to providing us with access to your website for the audit process.
  • Confirmation of Payment: Once your payment is received and the onboarding form is submitted, we will be able to begin your audit. This is best done on a day/time when you aren’t in the backend of your site (updating stock, making sales, etc) so if you have a busy period, let me know.
  • Thorough Audit Process: We will conduct a comprehensive audit of your website. This step aims to analyse the website as it is setup. After this initial audit, we may implement basic changes immediately, or, we will be in touch to provide you with a detailed report of our findings and a plan to implement improvements. (If you don’t have a backup plugin already installed, I won’t make any changes till I speak with you and setup a backup first)
  • Implementing Changes: Improvements will be added to your website only if you have a backup plugin installed correctly (see FAQ) 2 hours of improvements (not audit time – that takes this deal to over 2 hours work) will be included in this audit. A full list of recommendations will be made and we will implement what we can within the 2 hours.
  • Other Recommendations: We often find other adjustments or improvements that can help boost your website which we will include in our final report. Moving forward we can assist you in implementing them if you choose to engage us for further work.
  • Enhanced Website Performance: With the audit complete, your website will be optimised for maximum performance, efficiency, and security.

Cleo was a dream support for me and my new business! She was easy to work with, friendly, patient with my questions and delivered on each request I had. She went above and beyond to make sure my site functioned just the way I wanted it to. Highly recommend her!

Maryann Webb, Hunter District Families

Reach Your Website’s Full Potential

Investing in a Comprehensive Website Audit is an investment in your digital success.

It’s an opportunity to unlock the full potential of your online presence, ensuring your website stands out in a crowded digital landscape.

Don’t let hidden issues hold you back – let’s audit your website to new heights!

Take the next step and get your Full Website Audit booked in today!

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Payment needs to be made in full before any work can begin.

Unfortunately, once the work has begun, refunds cannot be issued. Be sure about your decision before starting the process. I often start work within 24 hours of purchase. (Refunds for larger tasks are usually pro-rata and can be partially refunded if work has commenced, but given the discounted price of this offer, there is no refunds once work has commenced).

After payment, you’ll receive an email with your receipt. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a link to an onboarding form. Please complete this form with all the necessary details so I can begin your work.

Work is typically completed within 1-5 business days, but is always dependent on other workloads.

A full audit is the inspection and expert analysis of what your website is already setup with, as well as finding other options that are missing in your setup. If you have a backup plugin, like Updraft, already setup, activated, and taking regular backups and storing them offsite, and you have access to the offsite folder, then I will immediately make small updates/edits/maintenance to your plugins & themes while I am auditing the site.

If there is no backup option, I will be in touch with you first, as this must be setup to be able to safely make any updates/changes to your website. Often, your host has an external backup and depending on the host, this can be relied upon, but only if you have access and login details to your host. If you don’t have a backup plugin setup, and you don’t use a reputable host that can be relied upon for backups, like SiteGround or FlyWheel, you will need to let me setup a backup plugin onto your website before I can update, maintain or improve any issues I find within your backend.

Without a backup option in place, the audit will take place, regardless of the backup situation, but any recommendations will not be implemented – there is no refund if the audit goes ahead and changes are not implemented because of no backup options. You will still receive your audit and report, but no changes can be made without a backup.

More Questions?

Feel free to reach out. We’re here to help you with any queries or concerns you may have.