WordPress Website Launch

Your Comprehensive WordPress Website Launch Checklist for a Stunning Online Presence

WordPress Website Launch Checklist – Design and Content

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey to establish an unforgettable online presence with our comprehensive WordPress Website Launch Checklist. Designed to empower your brand, this checklist covers every aspect necessary to create a stunning website that captivates your audience. From selecting a captivating website theme or builder to curating compelling content, crafting an engaging user experience, and optimising for search engines, this list has got you covered. Your website is not just a digital space; it’s a powerful representation of your business. This list can help you define your brand’s unique identity, ensure seamless navigation, and create a visually captivating website that leaves a lasting impression. And if you find yourself needing help with any of the steps, our expert guidance and meticulous attention to detail can help your online venture soar to new heights. Just get in touch!

  1. Brand Identity and Design
    • Define your brand colors so they can be incorporated consistently throughout the website
    • Design a professional logo that reflects your business identity, be sure to get it in all file types including transparent background, as a favicon and as an SVG.
    • Select appealing fonts for easy readability and have a quick Google about “accessible fonts for websites”
  1. Compelling Content and Copywriting – SEO Optimised
    • Craft engaging and informative homepage content
    • Create clear and concise About and Contact pages
    • Develop compelling product or service descriptions
    • Include relevant, keyword-rich content for SEO optimisation
  1. Media and Visuals
    • Select high-quality images and graphics that resonate with your brand and be mindful of the colours in chosen images
    • Optimize images for faster loading and better SEO ranking
    • Create an eye-catching featured image for each blog post and make them the same size
    • Incorporate appealing call-to-action buttons throughout the site
  1. User Experience (UX) and Navigation
    • Ensure intuitive navigation for easy website exploration – tell a story
    • Organise content into user-friendly categories and sections
    • Test website responsiveness across various devices
  1. SEO and Social Media Integration
    • Research and incorporate relevant keywords throughout the site
    • Optimise meta tags and descriptions for better search visibility
    • Connect your website to essential social media platforms

Finding this all a little overwhelming? I am here to help! Get in touch today.